In this area we will be offering original items and one-of-a-kind reproductions.

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Original Items

High Seas Fleet Badge
A beautiful example of this rare and desirable badge. Early pre-war production and marked:


Has the typical early pin that open to 90 degrees. This badge is in mint unissued condition!
Showing only light tarnish to the silvered reverse and a slight darkening to the gold wreath.


Early SS wool armband.
 Beautiful quality with a ribbed white center and tape swastika. Unissued and mint condition except for slight age soiling.



U Boat Badge - Junker
A beautiful, early u-boat badge marked:

C.E. Junker Berlin SW9

This is a brass badge with a 90 degree vertical pin and a cut out national emblem! Traces of the original gold plate remain, but most has been worn or polished off. Very light wear, and near mint with the exception of the gold plate as noted above



SS Cotton armband.

From the same source as above. Complete with RZM tag.

Lightly soiled, otherwise mint.



The very rare Defense Economy Leader Badge 1939, cased. One of the least known Third Reich badges, and seldom seen even in advanced collections. A very desirable badge in excellent condition showing only minor wear to the gold finish, with the correct flat pin on the reverse. The case is untitled, but this badge has been in this case for a long time as evidenced by its outline on both the top and bottom of the case.
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A beautiful example of an early Luftwaffe Pilot’s Badge, cased. Produced in brass or bronze with a heavy silver plate with a beautiful patina. Hallmarked “CE Junker, Berlin”, with a thin round pin on reverse. The rivets are slightly loose, and the eagle has lost much of its original black finish. The case, which is titled, shows moderate wear but still grades excellent. A high quality combination priced well below the market at



A mint unmissed example of the SS Officer’s belt buckle. Well marked on the reverse, complete with keeper and the remains of a paper RZM tag. Mint condition!



Early SA rank armband with four white stripes.
Probably unissued, but rather dirty from long storage.


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An Army EM breast eagle in gray bevo cut from a camouflage tunic. Mint condition.



Luftwaffe Flying Personnel Sleeve Insignia.
Gray thread embroidery on blue gray wool background. Mint condition.

Flag of the Hermann Goring Regt.
Part of a series of donation pins given by the WHW or Winter Help Agency.  Has a broken pin.
A very nice example of the State Service armband. Machine woven (BEVO) in black thread on yellow. No tears or moth damage, but soiled from long storage.