Table of Contents:

Valor And Campaign Medals

Cap Badges

Aviation Insignia


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Royal Artillery Captain

Titanic Related Medals   

GF-23 Gold Carpathia Medal  24.95

GF-24 Silver Carpathia Medal 24.95

GF-25 Bronze Carpathia Medal 24.95

UK Valor and Campaign Medals

Featuring replica medals from 1815 through WW II: some of the most well known are the Victoria Cross for Army and Navy, the Military Cross and the Waterloo medal.

GB-1 Victoria Cross 22.50
GB-2 Victoria Cross W/ Navy Ribbon 22.50
GB-3 Distinguished Flying Cross 22.50
GB-3a Distinguished Flying Cross W 1917 ribbon 22.50





GB-4 Air Force Cross 22.50
GB-5 Order of the British Empire Gold 22.50
GB-6 Order of the British Empire Silver 22.50
GB-7 Distinguished Conduct Medal 22.50





GB-8 Distinguished Service Cross 22.50
GB-9 Military Cross 22.50
GB-10 Distinguished Service Medal 22.50
GB-11 Waterloo Medal 22.50





GB-12 Military Medal 22.50
GB-13 George Medal 22.50
GB-14 George Cross 22.50
GB-15 Distinguished Flying Medal 22.50





GB-16 Air Force Medal 22.50
GB-17 Ashanti Star 22.50
GB-18 Kabul to Kahandar Star 22.50
GB-19 Atlantic Star 22.50





GB-20 1939-45 Star 22.50
GB-21 Burma Star 22.50
GB-22 Pacific Star 22.50
GB-23 Africa Star 22.50





GB-24 France and Germany Star 22.50
GB-25 Italy Star 22.50
GB-26 Air Crew Europe Star 22.50
 GB-27 South Atlantic (Falklands) Medal 22.50






Cap Badges

British Cap Badges from famous regiments including those of the 17/21st Lancers, Parachute Regiment, Special Air Service and the Black Watch (42nd Highlanders)

CB-1 Cameronians 17.00
CB-2 Royal Flying Corps, WWI 17.00
CB-3 Royal Welsh Fusiliers 17.00
CB-4 Royal Artillery 17.00

CB-5 Seaforth Highlanders 17.00
CB-6 Special Air Service 17.00
CB-7 Welsh Guards 17.00
CB-8 4th (Queens own) Hussars 17.00

CB-9 Royal Marines 17.00
CB-10 Royal Scots 17.00
CB-11 Machine Gun Corps 17.00
CB-12 Horse Guards 17.00





CB-13 Argyl and Sutherland 17.00
CB-14 Royal Scots Greys 17.00
CB-15 Parachute Regiment 17.00
CB-16 King's Royal Rifle Corps 17.00





CB-17 Irish Guards 17.00
CB-18 South Wales Borderers 18.00
CB-19 Life Guards 17.00
CB-20 Scots Guards 17.00





CB-21 Gordon Highland 17.00
CB-22 Coldstream Guards 17.00
CB-23 Grenadier Guards 17.00
CB-24 17/21st Lancers 18.00





CB-25 Royal Air Force, WWII 17.00
CB-26 Thirteenth Hussars 17.00
CB-27 Royal Tank Corps 17.00
CB-28 Eleventh Hussars 17.00





CB-29 42nd Highland (Black Watch) 19.00
GF- 21 White Star Line Officer's cap insignia $33.50





Aviation Insignia

Embroidered and metal wings of the Royal Flying Corps, RAF, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

GBA-1 Royal Flying Corps Wings, WWI   20.50
GBA-2 Royal Air Force Wings, WWII, bullion  22.50
GBA-3 Royal Air Force Wings, WWII 20.50
GBA-4 Royal Flying Corps Wings, WWI, for Mess Dress 18.00





GBA-5 Royal Canadian Air Force Wings, WWII, bullion $20.50
GBA-6 Royal Canadian Air Force Wings 20.50
GBA-7 Royal Australian Air Force Wings, WWII 20.50
GBA-8 Glider Command Wings, WWII, bullion 20.50

GBA-9 Glider Command Wings, WWII 20.50
GBA-10 New Zealand Air Force Wings, WWII 20.50
GBA-11 Navigator’s Half-wing 17.00
GBA-12 Bombardier’s Half-wing 17.00

GBA-13 Air Gunner’s Half-wing 17.00
GBA-14 Observer’s Half-wing 17.00
GBA-15 Engineer’s Half-wing 17.00
GBA-16 Wireless Operator’s Half-wing 17.00

GBA-17 Signaler’s Half-wing 17.00
GBA-18 Parachute Instructor’s Half-wing 17.00