German Air Force (Luftwaffe) 1937-45

Replica badges of the German Air Force. Breast Eagles in both the attractive bullion and metal versions.

LW-1 Pilot's Badge, c.1936 $21.00
LW-2 Spanish Cross with Swords, Gold $24.50
LW-3 Spanish Cross with Swords. Silver $24.50

LW-4 Spanish Cross with Swords. Bronze 24.50
LW-5 Pilot's Badge, c.1939 $21.00
LW-6 Combined Pilot/Observer's Badge $21.00

LW-7 Panzer Assault Badge $21.00
LW-8 Ground Assault Badge $21.00
LW-9 Spanish Cross without Swords. Silver 24.50

LW-10 Spanish Cross without Swords. Bronze $24.50
LW-11 Observer's Badge $21.00
LW-12 Air Crew Badge circa 1935 $21.00

LW-13 Radio Operator's Badge $21.00
LW-14 Officer's Breast Eagle $20.00
LW-15 Paratrooper's Badge $21.00

LW-16 Flak Artillery Badge $19.00
LW-17 General's Breast Eagle $19.00
LW-18 "Hanna Reitsch" Pilot's Badge $19.00

LW-19 Honor Roll Clasp $20.00
LW-20 Aerial Gunner's Badge $20.00
LW-21 Enlistedman's Breast Eagle, Woven $11.00

LW-22 Belt Buckle $34.50
LW-23 Officer's Breast Eagle. Woven $14.00
LW-24 Luftwaffe Officer's breast eagle, early "drop-tail" pattern (silver) $19.50

LW-26 Luftwaffe General's breast eagle, later war time pattern (gold) $20.50
LW-27 Luftwaffe Officer's breast eagle, later war time pattern (silver) $19.50
LW-25 Luftwaffe General's breast eagle, early "drop-tail" pattern (gold) $20.50

LW-24a Luftwaffe Panzer Assault Badge "25" $34.50
LW-25 Luftwaffe Panzer Assault Badge "50" $34.50
LW-26 Luftwaffe Panzer Assault Badge "75" $34.50

LW-27 Luftwaffe Panzer Assault Badge "100" $34.50
LW-28 Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge "25" $34.50
LW-29 Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge "50" $34.50

LW-30 Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge "75" $34.50
LW-31 Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge "100" $34.50