German Army 1936-45


German Army 1936-45

Museum quality replica combat badges of the German Army awarded during WW II, including the very rare Panzer Badge of the Condor Legion.

German General Staff Officer

GA-1 Flak Artillery Badge $19.00

GA-2 General Assault Badge $19.00

GA-3 Panzer Assault Badge, Silver $19.00

GA-4 Panzer Assault Badge, Bronze $19.00

GA-5 Infantry Assault Badge, Silver $19.00

GA-6 Infantry Assault Badge, Bronze $19.00

GA-7 Paratrooper's Badge $21.00
GA-8 Balloon Observer's Badge, Gold $19.00

GA-9 Balloon Observer's Badge, Silver $19.00
GA-10 Balloon Observer's Badge, Bronze $19.00

GA-11 1939 Wound Badge, Gold $19.00

GA-12 1939 Wound Badge, Silver $19.00

GA-13 1939 Wound Badge, Black $19.00

GA-14 Belt Buckle $35.50

GA-15 Condor Legion Tank Badge $19.00

GA-16 Anti-Partisan Badge, Gold $19.00

GA-17 Anti-Partisan Badge, Silver $19.00

GA-18 Anti-Partisan Badge, Bronze $19.00
GA-19 General's Breast Eagle $19.00
GA-20 Officer's Breast Eagle $19.00

GA-21 Close Combat Clasp, Gold $19.00

GA-22 Close Combat Clasp, Silver $19.00
A-23 Close Combat Clasp, Bronze $19.00
GA-24 Officer's Cap Eagle $16.00

GA-25 General's Cap Eagle $16.00
GA-26 Tank Destruction Sleeve Insignia, Gold $20.00

GA-27 Tank Destruction Sleeve insignia, Black $20.00
GA-28 Honor Roll Clasp $20.00

GA-29 Enlistedman's Breast Eagle, woven $12.00
GA-30 Army Stick Pin $16.00
GA-31 Officer's Breast Eagle, woven $14.00
GA- 32 Army General's breast eagle, gold on dark green. $21.50

GA- 33 Army Officer's breast eagle, silver on dark green.$ 20.50

GA- 34 Navy Officers (Kriegsmarine) breast eagle, gold on navy blue.$ 21.50
GA-35 Panzer Assault Badge "25" in silver $34.50
GA-36 Panzer Assault Badge "50" in silver $34.50

GA-37 General Assault Badge "25" $34.50 
GA-38 General Assault Badge "50" $34.50
GA-39 General Assault Badge "75" $34.50

GA-40 General Assault Badge "100" $34.50

German Badge Cases

German Badge Cases

We now have exact replicas of the titled cases in which Luftwaffe combat badges were awarded. These cases are about 3X3.25 inches, of blue leatherette with a plush interior and the correct closure. The title (in German of course) are printed in gold or silver lettering. They are, in fact, being produced for us by an original wartime manufacturer. Just the thing to display your Der Dienst badge collection ! 

Badges are NOT included with the case!