German Commemorative Medals

German Commemorative Medals, Arm Shields and Cuff Titles, 1937-45

GC-1 Balkan Arm Shield $28.00
GC-2 Demjansk Arm Shield $28.00
GC-3 Krim Arm Shield $24.50

GC-4 Kuban Arm Shield $24.50
GC-5 Narvik Arm Shield, for Army and Luftwaffe $24.50
GC-6 German-Italian Medal for Afrika $20.00

GC-7 Afrika Korps Veteran's Lapel Pin $14.00
GC-8 Spanish Blue Division Medal $20.50
GC-9 Narvik Arm Shield for Navy $24.50

CG-10 Occupation of Czechoslovakia Medal $20.00
GC-11 West Wall Medal $20.00
GC-12 1936 Olympic Medal $19.00

GC-13 Russian Front Medal $20.00
GC-14 Return of Memel Medal $20.00
GC-15 Austrian Anschluss Medal $20.00

GC-16 "Afrikakorps" Cuff Title $28.50
GC-17 Afrika Cuff Title $28.00