Imperial Germany


Imperial Germany

Replicas of medals and badges awarded to German troops in the Great War, including the finest replica of the Pour le Merite / Blue Max medal available anywhere. This medal was first awarded to Max Immelmann from whom it derives its name.

IG-1 Pour le Merite (The Blue Max). The finest replica of this rare decoration available. Enameled on both sides and supplied with an 18" neck ribbon.

IG-2 Pour le Merite. enameled on one side only $23.50


IG-3 As left with Oak Leaves for second award. $28.50
IG-4 1918 Tank Badge $19.00

IG-5 Naval Observer's Badge $19.00
IG-6 Army Zeppelin Badge $19.00
IG-7 Navy Zeppelin Badge $19.00
IG-8 1914 Wound Badge. Gold $19.00

IG-9 1914 Wound Badge. Silver $19.00
IG-10 1914 Wound Badge. Black $19.00
IG-l1 Naval Wound Badge. Gold $19.00
IG-12 Naval Wound Badge, Silver $19.00

IG-13 Naval Wound Badge Black $19.00
IG-14 Lusitania Medallion $20.50
IG-15 1914 U-Boat Badge $19.00
IG-16 Prussian Belt Buckle $35.50

IG-17 Aerial Gunner's Badge $19.00
IG-l8 Commemorative Pilot's Badge $19.00
IG-19 Navy Pilots Badge $19.00
IG-20 Bavarian Observer's Badge $35.50

IG-21 Army Pilot's Badge $19.00
IG-22 Austro-Hungarian U-Boat Badge. $22.00    


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Click for large version

IG-1CASE Made in Germany by the original manufacturer the case for the Blue Max has a dark blue leatherette exterior with the image of the Blue Max in gold on the front. Inside the case has a white satin lined lid and a plush blue interior sculptured for the medal with a special section for the ribbon.

Cost $59.50
Badges are NOT included with the case!