Medals and Insignia of the SS

Medals and Insignia of the SS and Other NSDAP Organizations

Museum quality replica badges, insignia, belt buckles and cuff titles of the SS and other Nazi Party organizations including the Hitler Youth. We highly recommend our replica of the very rare Blood Order, the “Medal of Honor” of the Nazi Party.

SS-1 "Totenkopf" Cuff Title $29.50
SS-2 "Das Reich" Cuff Title 29.50
SS-3 "Hohenstaufen" Cuff Title 29.50
SS-4 "Germania" Cuff Title 29.50

SS-5 "Theodor Eicke" Cuff Title $29.50
SS-6 "Hitlerjugend" Cuff Title $29.50
SS-7 "Westland" Cuff Title $29.50
SS-8 "Deutschland" Cuff Title $29.50

SS-9 "Wiking" Cuff Title $29.50
SS-10 "Adolph Hitler" Cuff Title $29.50
SS-11 The Blood Order $22.50
SS-12 SS Sleeve Eagle $12.00

SS-13 SS Cap, Eagle and Skull Set $26.00
SS-14 NSDAP Gau Badge 1925 $48.00
SS-15 Golden Party Badge $35.50
SS-16 Gestapo Identity Disc $19.00

SS-17 Hitler Youth Cap Insignia $12.00
SS-18 NSDAP Membership Badge $14.00
SS-19 SS Membership Badge $14.00
SS-20 "Deutschland Erwache" Badge $14.00

SS-21 1933 Adolph Hitler Campaign Pin $14.00
SS-22 East Prussian Gau Badge 1938 $27.50
SS-23 SA Treffen Badge of Honor $27.50
SS-24 Police Stick Pin for Generals $14.00

SS-25 SS Belt Buckle $35.50
SS-26 SA Stick Pin $14.00
SS-27 SA Belt Buckle $35.50
SS-28 SS Stick Pin $14.00

SS-29 Hitler Youth Belt Buckle $35.50
SS-30 Police Stick Pin for Officers $14.00
SS-31 1935 Pattern SS sleeve eagle, for Officers
$ 20.50
SS-32 SS Officer's sleeve eagle, Later type $ 21.50

SS-33 Mother's Cross in bronze $33.50
SS-34 Mother's Cross in gold $33.50
SS-35 Mother's Cross in silver $33.50