Restoration Supplies for German Steel Helmets and Visor Caps

Helmet Decals

Replacement decals for the German WW II steel helmet. These are quality water transfer decals (not peel and stick) made in the exact colors and dimensions of the originals

DK-1 Luftschutz $15.00
DK-2 Police $15.00
DK-3 Fire / Police $15.00
DK-4 Totenkoff $15.00

DK-5 NSKK $15.00
DK-6 Afrikacorps $15.00
DK-7 Army $15.00
DK-8 Navy $15.00

DK-9 Luftwaffe (early) $15.00
DK-10 Luftwaffe (late) $15.00
Dk-11 SS (early) $15.00
DK-12 SS (late)$15.00 

DK-13 SS LAH $15.00
DK-14 SS VT $15.00
DK-15 Red Cross $15.00
DK-16 Hitler Youth $15.00

DK-17 Feldherrenhalle $15.00


Chin Straps

We present four types of chin straps: One for steel helmets and one each for the Army, Luftwaffe and SS enlisted men’s visor caps.

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CS-1 Two piece strap for steel helmets $25.00
CS-2  Chinstrap for the SS Visor Cap with the center loop $25.00
CS-3 Chinstrap for the Army Visor Cap and has squared off buckles  $25.00
CS-4 Chinstrap for Luftwaffe Visor Caps and has slightly rounded square buckles. $25.00