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Early US Medals and Insignia: US Civil war to WWI U.S. Patches and Insignia,
 1940 - 45
Aircraft Engine and  Propeller Lapel Pins
Confederate States of America U.S. Marine Corps Patches and Insignia Badges of the Old West
U.S. Wings and other Insignia WWII Patches in gold and silver bullion

95th Division Items

GF 24 95th Division
Bullion Blazer Patch
 Beautifully embroidered with the V and the border worked in silver wire and the 9 in red silk thread

GF 23 Lapel Pin
Hard fired Cloisonné glass enamel

FR 3 Metz Liberation medal

FR 9 French liberation medal 


GF 22 French Fourageres


FR 2 French Croix de Guerre


Early US Medals and Insignia to WWI

Early US Medals and Insignia to WWI

Replica medals dating form the Revolutionary War through the Great War 1914-1918. Take a look at our Kearney Cross and USMC Brevet Medal.

EUS-1 Andre Capture Medal $18.00
EUS-2 USMC Brevet Medal $28.00
EUS-3 Kearney Cross $25.50
EUS-4 Civil War Campaign Medal -
 Army $39.00

EUS-5 Civil War Campaign Medal - Navy $39.00
EUS-6 Civil War Campaign Medal - USMC $39.00
EUS-7 Indian Wars Campaign Medal $39.00
 EUS-8 Civil War Union Belt Buckle $26.50

EUS-9 Civil War Kepi Insignia- Infantry $19.00
EUS-l0 Civil War Kepi Insignia -Cavalry $19.00
EUS-11 Civil War Kepi Insignia - Artillery $19.00
 EUS-12 Civil War Officer's Hat Insignia - Infantry $25.50

EUS-13 Civil War Officer's Hat Insignia - Cavalry $25.50
EUS-14 Civil War Officer's Hat Insignia - Artillery
EUS-15 Civil War Officer's Hat Insignia - Engineer $25.50
EUS-16 Civil War Officer's Hat Insignia -  Penn. Militia $25.50

EUS-17 Irish Brigade Harp Cap Insignia $19.00
EUS-18 M-1850 Eagle Cap Insignia $19.00
 EUS-19 M-1856 Cap Eagle, the "Jeff Davis" pattern $29.00

EUS-23 WWI Tank Service 1st Pattern (Front view of tank) $19.00
EUS-24 WWI Tank Service 2nd Pattern (side view of tank) $19.00
EUS-25 WWI Tank Infantry (tank w/ crossed rifles) $19.00
EUS-26 WWI Machine Gun Infantry (tank w/ #6) $19.00

EUS-27 WWI Air service $19.00



Confederate States of America

Confederate States of America

Quality replica medals and insignia, including belt buckles, of the Confederate States of America. Included here is the very rare Southern Cross of Honor, given to confederate veterans by Daughters of the Confederacy.

CSA-1 Southern Cross of Honor $19.50
CSA-2 Belt Buckle, lead filled ,as original $26.50
CSA-3 Rectangular Belt Buckle. solid brass $27.50
CSA-4 Officer's two piece Belt Buckle. Solid brass $35.50

CSA-5 Texas Militia Officer's Buckle. solid brass $35.50
CSA-6 Officer's bullion Cap Insignia $26.50
CSA-7 South Carolina Militia Cap Insignia $17.50
CSA-8 Florida Militia Cap Insignia $14.00

CSA-9 Texas Militia Cap Insignia $14.00
CSA-10 Davis Guard Medal. Engraved on both sides . $19.50
CSA-11 The Great Seal of the Confederate States of America, rendered in hand polished pewter
and 3 1/4 inches in diameter. $19.50



U.S. Wings and other Insignia

U.S. Wings and other Insignia

Replica metal and bullion wings dating form the US Air Service of WW I through the Army Air Force of WW II. All wing patterns are available as well as rare and obsolete officer’s collar insignia.

USI-1 1913 Military Aviator insignia $20.50
USI-2 1918 Pilot's Wings. Metal $19.00
USI-3 1917 Pilot's Wings, bullion $21.00
USI-4 1917 Reserve Pilot's Wings. Bullion $21.00

USI-5 USAAF Pilot's Wings $19.00
USI-6 USAAF Senior Pilot's Wings $21.00
USI-7 USAAF Command Pilots Wings $21.00
USI-8 USAAF Glider Pilot's Wings $19.00

USI-9 USAAF Liaison Pilot's Wings $19.00
USI-10 USAAF Service Pilot's Wings $19.00
USI-11 USAAF Bombardier's Wings $19.00
USI-12 USAAF Aerial Gunner's Wings $19.00

USI-13 USAAF Navigator's Wings $19.00
USI-14 USAAF Balloon Pilot’s Wings $19.00
USI-15 USAAF Flight Engineer’s Wing $21.00
USI-16 USAAF Flight Surgeon's Wings $21.00

USI-17 USAAF Observer Wings $19.00
USI-18 USAAF Airship Pilot's Wings $19.00
USI-19 USAAF WASP Wings $19.00
USI-20 USAAF Technical Observer Wings $19.00

USI-21 USAAF Air Crew Wings $19.00
USI-22 US Navy Pilot's Wings $20.00
USI-23 Air Cadet cap Insignia $21.00
USI-24 USAAF Rescue Boat Badge $19.00

USI-25 USAAF Officer’s Collar Insignia. Pair $22.00
USI-26 USAAF Enlistedman's Collar Insignia. Pair $22.00
USI-28 WWI 22nd Aero Squadron Lapel Pin $14.00
USI-27 WWI 94th Aero Squadron Lapel Pin $14.00

USI-29 WWI 103rd Aero Squadron "Lafayette Escadrille" Lapel Pin $14.00
USI-30 WWI 27th Aero Squadron Lapel Pin $14.00
USI-31 Winged Boot of the "Late Arrivals" club $16.00
USI-32 WWII Officer’s Lapel Insignia, Armor, pair $22.00

 USI-33 WWII Officer's Lapel Insignia, Tank Destroyer, pair $22.00
USI-34 WWII Officer's Lapel Insignia, Coast Artillery, pair $22.00


USI-35 WWI Balloon Wings -$20.00

These are patterned after wings worn by Capt. Charles l. Hayward (recently deceased) and purchased by Capt. Hayward in France. A limited edition print featuring Capt. Hayward's signature is now available from another source. E-Mail us for more information. These wings, framed with the print, will be an outstanding addition to any collection of aviation art.




U.S. Patches and Insignia, 1940 - 45

U.S. Patches and Insignia, 1940 - 45

Replica patches and distinctive insignia of the US Army Air Corps and airborne divisions of WW II. We feature the 101st Airborne/Screaming Eagles patch made famous by the book and then the movie Band of Brothers.

USP-1 Unassigned Air Force Patch $8.00
USP-2 Lapel Insignia for left $9.00
USP-3 First Air Force Patch $8.00
USP-4 Lapel Insignia for left $9.00
USP-5 Second Air Force Patch $8.00
USP-6 Lapel Insignia for left $9.00

USP-7 Third Air Force Patch $8.00
USP-8 Lapel Insignia for left $9.00
USP-9 Fourth Air Force Patch $8.00
USP-10 Lapel Insignia for left $9.00
USP-11 Fifth Air Force Patch $8.00
USP-12 Lapel Insignia for left $9.00

USP-13 Sixth Air Force Patch $8.00
USP-14 Lapel Insignia for left $9.00
USP-15 Seventh Air Force Patch $8.00
USP-16 Lapel Insignia for left $9.00
USP-17 Eighth Air Force Patch $8.00
USP-18 Lapel Insignia for left $9.00

USP-19 Ninth Air Force Patch $8.00
USP-20 Lapel Insignia for left $9.00
USP-21 Tenth Air Force Patch $8.00
USP-22 Lapel Insignia for left $9.00
USP-23 Eleventh Air Force Patch $8.00
USP-24 Lapel Insignia for left $9.00

USP-25 Twelfth Air Force Patch $8.00
USP-26 Lapel Insignia for left $9.00
USP-27 Thirteenth Air Force Patch $8.00
USP-28 Lapel Insignia for left $9.00
USP-29 Fourteenth Air Force Patch $8.00
USP-30 Lapel Insignia for left $9.00

USP-31 Fifteenth Air Force Patch $8.00
USP-32 Lapel Insignia for left $9.00
USP-33 Twentieth Air Force Patch $8.00
USP-34 Lapel Insignia for left $9.00
USP-35 Far East Command Patch $8.00
UPS-36 Lapel Insignia for left $9.00

USP-37 China-Burma-India Patch $8.00
USP-38 Lapel Insignia for left $9.00
USP-39 82nd Airborne Division Patch $8.00
USP-40 Lapel Insignia for left $9.00
USP-41 101st Airborne Division Patch $8.00
USP-42 Lapel Insignia for left $9.00


U.S. Marine Corps Patches and Insignia

U.S. Marine Corps Patches and Insignia

Replica patches and insignia of the United States Marine Corps in WWII.

MCP-1 First Marine Division Patch $8.00
MCP-2 First Marine Division Lapel Pin $9.00
MCP-3 Second Marine Division Patch $8.00
MCP-4 Second Marine Division Lapel Pin $9.00

MCP-5  Third Marine Division Patch $8.00
MCP-6 Third Marine Division Lapel Pin $9.00
MCP-7  Fourth Marine Division Patch $8.00
MCP-8 Fourth Marine Division Lapel Pin  $9.00

MCP-9 Fifth Marine Division Patch $8.00
MCP-10 Fifth Marine Division Lapel Pin  $9.00
MCP-11 Sixth Marine Division Patch $8.00
MCP-12 Sixth Marine Division Lapel Pin $9.00


WWII Patches in gold and silver bullion

WWII Patches in gold and silver bullion

Museum quality replicas of theater-made patches of the Army/Air Corps and 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions.

BP-1 Air Force Unassigned $21.50
BP-2 Fifth Air Force $21.50
BP-3 Eighth Air Force $21.50
BP-4 Ninth Air Force $21.50

BP-5 Fourteenth Air Force $21.50
BP-6 China-Burma-India $21.50
BP-7 First Infantry Division $21.50
BP-8 82nd Airborne Division $21.50

BP-9 101st Airborne Division $21.50





AE-1 Wright Aircraft Engines $14.00
AE-2 Rolls Royce Engines 14.00
AE-3 Hamilton Standard Propellers 14.00

AE-4 Pratt & Whitney Dependable Engines 14.00



We can now supply Original United States government issue medals (except the Medal of Honor) at very competitive prices. Let us know what you are looking for, and we will be glad to provide prices. Remember, just because it isn't listed on this web page doesn't mean we can't get it. While we can't supply every medal, badge or insignia ever produced, we can provide a great many. Drop us a note with your "want list" and we will do our best to supply you needs.